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Trusted by 8250+ customers in 100+ countries.

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Powerful Data Extraction and Processing Services

AI-powered, cloud-based, industrial-grade web scraping engine to extract the data you want from any website.

Trusted by 8250+ customers in 100+ countries.

  • Scrape Data from Any Website for Your Exact Needs

    Pick the extraction plan that fits your requirements and budget.

  • Dedicated Professional Service

    Our US-based team will work closely with you to execute your requirements quickly and ensure you are totally satisfied with the results of our work.

  • Guaranteed Data Quality

    Run your data through robust data quality checks to ensure that your data is complete and correct.

  • Premium

    Custom Data Transformation

    Cleanse, enrich, standardize, match and aggregate your data based on your specific requirements.

  • Premium

    Deep Cloud Integration

    Extract web data to AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Snowflake or Databricks.

  • Premium

    Recurring Data Extracts

    Extract data on schedule at whatever frequency you want.

  • Premium

    Pick Data Formats

    We can make your data available in your required format, such as CSV, JSON, XML, tab-delimited, fixed-width and lots more.

  • Premium

    Flexible Data Delivery

    Get your data extract in your preferred destination, such as cloud files or tables, email, Google Sheets, API, FTP and lots more.

3 Simple Steps

Share your requirements. We extract your data. We deliver your data.

Trusted by 8250+ customers in 100+ countries.

  • Web scraping requirements
    Outline your requirements.
  • Extract data
    We extract the data you want.
  • Deliver data
    We deliver the data to you.

Grow Your Business with Web Data

Transform your business with the power of the web.

Trusted by 8250+ customers in 100+ countries.

  • eCommerce and Online Retail Data

    Gather product prices, reviews, images, UOMs, SKUs, UPCs, MOQs, descriptions and lots more from any eCommerce site.

  • Stock Market, Financial and Economic Data

    Extract stock market data, economic indicators, currency data, commodity data and much more.

  • Alternative Investments Data

    Enhance your investment, trading and risk management decisions with data from competitors, suppliers, partners and other alternative data sources.

  • Real Estate and Housing Data

    Scrape real estate prices, property features, inventory and demand from real estate listings, agents, brokers, houses, apartments, mortgages and MLS websites.

  • Job Listings and Human Capital Data

    Aggregate data from job search sites, company job boards and social media profiles.

  • Travel, Hotel and Airline Data

    Extract data from travel, hotel and airline websites to get latest pricing, availability and reviews data.

  • Research, Consulting and Journalism Data

    Extract historical data from multiple websites to power your data needs for research, consulting or journalism.

  • Developer Data

    Extract custom data from your web data sources of choice to power your web and mobile applications.

  • Data-as-a-Service APIs

    Programmatically consume your web data extracts on-demand from secure, high-performance APIs.

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